Aery32 Sublime Text plug-in version 1.0.3

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Aery32 Sublime Text plug-in has been updated to version 1.0.3. The most recent version updates the Nettuts+ Fetch to its latest version 2.0.2 and adds the description file for the SublimeClang plug-in, which is a custom built from its GitHub repo. The later change makes the SublimeClang installation to show correctly for the Sublime Text Package Control plug-in.

The Aery32 plug-in version 1.0.3 works on both Sublime Text 2 and 3 and it can be installed manually or via Package Control.

DFU-Programmer Linux Tips Aery32 Rev0

Linux logoLinux Logo by Dablim is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

I am a First time Aery32 user and fairly new to Micro Controllers all together and i Recently had an Aery32 Donated to me and i have just had a chance to look at seting it up ill go through how i did it. Im Running Archlinux 64Bit on Kernel 3.10.7-1-ARCH as of this writing though it should work on all Linux Distro's.

The Setup.

So the initial setup is farily easy, Most of these Steps can be found in the Quick Start Guide.

First things First install DFU-Programmer


sudo apt-get install dfu-programmer


You Can use Yaourt or your Favorite AUR Helper

yaourt dfu-programmer

or you can Download the AUR Tarball and user makepkg to build a DFU-Programmer Archlinux Package and install it Using.

sudo pacman -U *.pkg.tar.xz

Then Follow AVR 32-bit Toolchain on Linux by Kim Blomqvist Who Kindly Posted that to Devzone.

Then you can Clone the Aery32 Github Repo.

git clone


cd aery32

The Last Thing to do is add a Udev Rule so that your linux Machine can see and give you access to your aery32 following W|zzys Guide for Udev You will also need to Add your user to the plugdev group.

sudo gpasswd -a YouUserName plugdev

Awesome were all done :D


Now you can Either modify main.cpp as it states in the Quick Start Guide Yourself or you can use My Pre Modified one. Then we can compile and uplaod the code to the Aery.

make programs

This is where i had another issue and the point of writing this article.

setkeh@Workstation-Arch ~/github/aery32 (git)-[master] % make programs
dfu-programmer at32uc3a1256 erase
make: *** [dfu-program] Error 1

NOTE: This is Simaler to the udev error outlined in W|zzy's blog post but its not the same issue and from what i understand and chatting with W|zzy this issue seems to be only an issue on the REV 0 Aery.

The fix for this is pretty simple open up the Aery32 Makefile in your favorite editor.

Change Line41 from:




Now when you run make programs you should see something like this:

setkeh@Workstation-Arch ~/github/aery32 (git)-[master] % make programs
dfu-programmer at32uc3a1128 erase
dfu-programmer at32uc3a1128 flash aery32.hex
5080 bytes used (4.13%)
dfu-programmer at32uc3a1128 start
dfu-programmer: failed to release interface 0.
make: *** [dfu-start] Error 1

Now im not 100% sure what the failed to release error is all about though it can be safely ignored and you program should start running after the make is completed it does not seem to have any bearing on the operation of the toolchain and Aery at all dispite this error my programs compile and upload fine of course if you know how to fix it please hit me up in #aery32 on freenode.

I hope this helps any newbies like myself get there aery32 boards setup ready for development in there linux enviroments, I have Enjoyed writing this article and hope to write more :D Good luck on your Aery Projects.

Cloud Spreader kit makes prototyping convenient

Aery32 Spreader Kit

Stemlux Systems’ Cloud Spreader is a multifunctional break-out board for Aery32 Clouds and Aery32 development board.


  • Easy access to unused I/O pins when using Aery32 Display Cloud
  • Provides a small prototyping area for Aery32
  • Pin mapping for Aery32 rev. A on both sides
  • Four points for hooking oscilloscopes’ alligator clip ground
  • Sturdy and grippy standoff for your convinience
  • Provides additional mounting holes for Aery32
  • (Also makes Aery32 Clouds usable on other platforms;)

You can buy the kit or the Spreader PCB only from

Sublime Text 2 plug-in updated to work with AVR32 Toolchain 3.4.2

Sublime Text 2 logo

Aery32 Sublime Text 2 plug-in has been updated to work with the current latest version of AVR32 Toolchain. Seems like all Aery32 Sublime Text plug-in users were happily using the older version of the AVR32 Toolchain, as the issue existed quite a while before noticed.

Sublime Text 3 has also been coming for some time, and went just public beta. Unfortunately Aery32 plug-in doesn't work with Sublime Text 3 yet, but we will update it soon.

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